Important dates
1899 Jean Moulin is born in Béziers.
1918 18th April - Called up into the army.
1918 18th September - Sent to the front.
1921 Joined the young republicans.
1926 September - married Marguerite Cerruty, they divorced after just two years.
1932 December - appointed chief assistant to the cabinet of Pierre Cot.
1936 Became a partisan with a Spanish group who supported the USSR against Hitler's Germany.
1937 Became Préfet of Rodez in the Aveyron, a position he held till 1939.
1940 18th June - Arrested, because he refused to sign a German document accusing French colonial troups of attrocities, then returned to the resistance.
1941 25th October - contacts de Gaulle in London, who charges him with two missions: 1). To control the military forces of the southern zone resistance movement. and 2). To unify all the movements under de Gaulle's authority.
1943 21st June - Arrested at Caluire, he died under torture the 8th July in a Northern French railway station.

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